SMS Messaging Portal

Accessing the Portal

The SMS Messaging Portal is available via web browser at Once you browse to the portal address you will be presented with a login screen to enter your portal credentials. If you do not have portal credentials or would like to obtain them please contact Accent Support to be activated as an SMS Messaging Portal user.

Portal Home Screen

The SMS Messaging Portal provides a straight-forward interface to send and receive SMS messages to and from multiple phone numbers.

SMS enabled phone numbers associated with your account will appear to the left of the conversations window. Only numbers which have been SMS enabled an associated with your user login will appear in this list. Multiple numbers may appear if you have been authorized to message from multiple numbers.


Selecting the Active Number

To begin SMS messaging from a specific number simply click on the number you wish to utilize for SMS, once the number is selected it will appear as highlighted in blue. In the Conversation Window any active SMS conversations associated with that number will appear.

Active conversations associated with the SMS number can be selected to review the associated messages or send new messages. The messages appear as threaded in the Conversation Thread window.

Starting a New Conversation

Add a New Conversation

To start a new conversation with a number first click the New Conversation button.

An input box will appear where the phone number for the new conversation should be entered.

Enter Desired Number

Enter the desired number to message and press Enter to accept the entry.

Send a New Message

Once the number is entered it is ready to be sent an SMS message. Place the desired message in the Input Field and click the Send button when ready.

The new sent message will appear in the Conversation Thread window with a timestamp, any reply messages received will show as a threaded conversation similar to common chat and messaging applications.

Existing Conversations

Select a Conversation

Active or past conversations can be selected to review the associated messages or send new messages. Simply click on the desired conversation to review its messages.

Read Messages and Interact

The messages associated with a conversation appear as a threaded conversation within the Conversation Thread window. Timestamps appear next to each message and new messages may be sent via the Input Field and Send Button. This functionality and interaction is similar to common chat and messaging applications.

Adding a Contact

To add a contact name to be associated with a specific number navigate to the Contacts page of the portal.

Add Desired Contacts

Add a contact by entering the appropriate contact name and phone number in the associated fields. Click the "Add" button to add the contact to the contact list. Existing contacts will appear in the contacts list and may be removed at anytime by clicking the "X" with the associated contact.

Messaging with Contact Names

Once a contact name is associated with a phone number that name will appear with any active conversations associated with the phone number.

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