Getting Started

Accessing VoiceONE Meetings

This page assumes you have already signed up for a VoiceONE Meetings account or would like to learn more about attending a VoiceONE Meeting. If you would like to sign-up for a VoiceONE Meetings account you may do so via Accent's website or by contacting an Accent representative at (800) 589-7379. Please note an account is not required to attend a VoiceONE Meeting if you were invited by a current user.

Upon initial sign-up you will receive a personal meeting link for you VoiceONE Meetings room, for easy one-click access you can simply click that link or paste it into a web browser in order to access your meeting room. The personal meeting link you were provided can be sent to any attendee you would like to invite to a meeting.

Upon accessing the room you will be prompted for your login credentials which were initially provided along with the personal meeting link. If you are the meeting organizer you should enter your login credentials to open the meeting room.

Web Browser access via Meetings homepage

The VoiceONE Meetings homepage can be accessed via any supported web browser. Supported browsers include Google Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Desktop App (PC/Mac)

The VoiceONE Meetings desktop app is available for PC and Mac, for the desktop app specific user guide please click here. You can download the VoiceONE Meetings desktop app for PC or Mac here.

Mobile App (iOS/Android)

VoiceONE Meetings is available for both iOS and Android devices, for the mobile app specific user guide please click here. The app is available for download in the Apple App store or the Google Play store by searching for "VoiceONE Meetings".

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