Troubleshooting & FAQ's

Audio/Video Troubleshooting

People can't hear or see me during a meeting.

You must allow your web browser and/or mobile app access to your device's microphone and camera the first time you attend a meeting. This access must only be granted once and is not required for future meetings upon initial grant by the user.

My audio echos occasionally or generates excess noise.

For the best audio experience, we recommend using a headset and microphone. Excess noise and echo can sometimes be generated when using the integrated microphone and speakers in certain laptops or devices. We suggest testing the experience with your specific device before hosting a meeting.

My browser says it isn't supported and can't access my video.

VoiceONE Meetings supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. On Mac we strongly recommend avoiding the use of Safari as it does not properly support elements of the WebRTC protocol which Meetings relies on.

People say my video is "fuzzy" or distorted.

VoiceONE Meetings relies on the performance of the user's internet connection and their individual PC/Mac/Smartphone to deliver a quality video streaming experience. In some cases, the internet connection or device processing capabilities may lag and the video resolution should be adjusted to compensate.

When using the mobile app I can hear people but can't see their video.

If you toggled to "Voice Only" on the home screen prior to entering the meeting via the mobile app then you have enabled "Low Bandwidth Mode". Toggling to "Voice Only" on the home screen will initiate this mode and disable all video sent and received via the mobile app. To re-enable the sending and receiving of video streams access the in-meeting options menu and select "Disable low bandwidth mode". You can choose to disable just the sending of your video by toggling your camera to "off" using the in-meeting controls.

Accessing a Meeting

I can't remember my username or password, how do I reset or change it?

To change or confirm your VoiceONE Meetings login credentials please contact Accent Tech Support directly at, via our website, or via phone at (800) 589-7379.

Do I have to login to join a meeting?

To launch a new VoiceONE Meeting a validated user login is required to open and start the meeting. Once a validated user has logged in then all other attendees will be placed in the meeting. If two or more users with valid user credentials are attending the same meeting then only one login is required to open the meeting.

Why does the dial-in code change for some meetings?

When you initially signed-up for VoiceONE Meetings the Accent support team provided a unique meeting ID and dial-in code which will remain static for the duration of your subscription, the dial-in code for that meeting ID will never change. If you launch a meeting with a different meeting ID then the dial-in code will be randomly generated by our systems, this is done for security purposes.

It is highly recommended that meeting hosts use the meeting ID and link provided by Accent personnel, you can learn more about this via our Security & Privacy page.

I don't have the mobile app or dial-in info, how do I join a meeting?

It's easy, just click the meeting link or paste the meeting link into your mobile web browser and browse to the meeting room. Our systems will recognize you are on a mobile device and provide you with the dial-in information directly from the mobile website and allow you to download the appropriate mobile app if desired.

Can I secure my meeting with a password?

Yes, once a meeting is launched the meeting organizer can set a meeting password by clicking the meeting info button in the bottom right of the control panel. Once a meeting password is set, any new attendees must enter the password prior to joining the meeting via web browser or app. We also have a dedicated page to meeting security which you can access here.

During a Meeting

What view options are available during a meeting?

Users may personalize their Meeting view by toggling between speaker and tile, your browser/app will remember your personal view preference when joining Meetings. To toggle between views within a browser or the desktop app, simply click the view button located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Speaker View

Speaker view will highlight the active speaker in the meeting by placing that person in the large view of the screen.

Tile View

Tile view will scale out all meeting participant evenly across the width of the screen and highlight the active speaker with a blue highlight around their video box. We recommend tile view for the best participant/user experience.

When presenting text my image shows reverse of what it should.

You can flip your image at any time by right clicking on your video tile and choosing "Flip".

Can I record my meetings?

At this time recording a meeting is not available, this may change in a future update as Accent continues to expand the VoiceONE Meetings service.

Is there a meeting duration limit?

Meeting durations are limited to three continuous hours.

Is there a meeting participant limit?

The current limit is 30 participants per meeting, this may be increased in future updates.

How do I change/customize my profile picture?

VoiceONE Meetings utilizes the globally recognized avatar service (Gravatar) for profile images. To customize your meeting profile/avatar, create an account at and within the Settings menu input the email address which was used when creating your Gravatar account. The image utilized for your Gravatar account will then be populated within your VoiceONE Meetings profile.

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