Calendar & Agenda View

Upon connecting your calendar to the Accent app you will see your meetings and calendar events for the day presented within the Calendar section. The Calendar offers two unique views for users, the Timeline view and Agenda view. The two different view options are shown in the graphic below. Users may switch between the different viewing options via the toggle button on the Navigation toolbar.

Video meetings from many of the most widely used meeting platforms are recognized by the app, this includes Zoom, Teams, Apple Facetime, WebEx, GoTo Meeting, and more. You can view meeting details and attendees by selecting an individual meeting with a single tap. This is further discussed in the Event Details page.

The navigation toolbar at the top of the calendar provides the user with a variety of options and features while interacting with the calendar. These options include:

  • Date: The date currently being viewed. If viewing the current date it will appear with a circle around the date. The date can be tapped at any time to jump to a specific date.

  • Navigate Forward/Back: Used to move the calendar forward or backward by one day.

  • Go to Current Day: If the calendar is not displaying the current date this button can be pressed to go to the current date.

  • Toggle Timeline/Agenda View: Used to switch between the timeline and agenda views.

To jump to a specific date, press the Date on the Calendar navigation bar. This action will reveal a month view calendar which will allow you to select any specific combination of Year, Month, and Day.

Event Details

The Event Details section provides a deeper view of the information associated with a specific calendar item. This information may include details on meeting attendees, the specific meeting link/location, and any additional information the meeting organizer provided as part of the meeting invite.

The information which could be included for a meeting within the Event Details section includes:

  • Meeting Name:

  • Meeting Time:

  • Meeting Attendees (if applicable)

  • Location

  • Meeting Link (if applicable)

  • Event Description (if applicable)

  • Other Links (if applicable)

Creating a New Event

To create a new calendar event, tap the "+" icon located on the bottom right of the screen and choose the appropriate calendar service to add the event to. From there your device will open the service and allow you to complete the details of your event.

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