Meeting Security & Privacy

Are Accent Meetings secure?

Accent's video meetings are designed to be secure and private in many respects.

To begin with, all meeting rooms are ephemeral: they only exist while the meeting is actually taking place. The meeting is created when the meeting organizer joins and is destroyed when the last participant leaves. Meeting rooms may only be launched by an authorized Accent Meetings user as well, which requires an Accent provided username and password to open the meeting room. If the same meeting room is launched again by an authorized user, a brand new instance of that meeting room is created with the same name and there is no connection to any previous meeting that might have been held with the same name.

Accent Meetings authorized users are provided a unique meeting room link from Accent when their account is created, this is a unique meeting room name which is only provided to that specific authorized user. Meetings users should only utilize the unique meeting room name provided by Accent when hosting meetings. Meeting room links provided by Accent should only be shared with meeting participants and invitees directly and should never be shared on social media or other public forums.

Can meetings be secured with a password?

Yes, once a meeting is launched the meeting organizer can set a meeting password by clicking the meeting info button in the bottom right of the control panel. Once a meeting password is set, any new attendees must enter the password prior to joining the meeting via web browser or app. Meeting room passwords may be changed each time a specific meeting room is used to help ensure security between meetings.

Should I enable Lobby Mode for my meetings?

It is considered a best practice for privacy purposes to enable the Lobby Mode feature for every meeting which a user hosts. Lobby Mode can be activated via the Enable Lobby checkbox on the Meetings page or via the Security Options button within your meeting. Please note that only authorized meeting hosts may enable the Lobby Mode feature. Once enabled, Lobby Mode will require any guest attendee to request access to the meeting before entering. Once meeting access is requested, a moderator will be required to grant access for that attendee to enter the meeting.

Are Accent Meetings encrypted?

Accent Meetings operate in 2 ways: peer-to-peer (P2P) or via our cloud video bridges when three or more participants are present in a meeting, this is transparent to the user during the meeting as well. P2P mode is only used for 1-to-1 meetings. In this case, audio and video are encrypted using DTLS-SRTP all the way from the sender to the receiver, even if they traverse network components like TURN servers.

In the case of multi-party (3 or more) meetings all audio and video traffic is encrypted on the network using DTLS-SRTP . This outer layer of DTLS-SRTP encryption is removed while packets are traversing Accent's cloud video bridges; however they are never stored to any persistent storage and only live in memory while being routed to other participants in the meeting.

Can the meeting organizer control the participants?

The meeting organizer or any authorized Accent Meetings user can control certain aspects of the meeting and it's participants. Authorized meeting users may enable Lobby Mode which requires guests to request access to the meeting before entering. During the meeting, authorized users can mute participant audio and remove meeting participants from the meeting via the "kick" function. Before the meeting begins, authorized users can also designate if participants join with audio muted or as hidden from the meeting video.

Is Participant or Meeting information stored or accessible?

No information specific to the content of the meeting is stored or accessed by Accent. Accent Meetings does not require participants to create accounts. Information which a participant provides such as their name or email address is only shared with other meeting participants. We do not retain this information after the meeting ends. Authorized users are provided a username and password in order to securely launch a meeting, this information is only used to start a new meeting and is not historically stored or archived by Accent.

Accent does not access, monitor, or record the video conferences which take place on the Accent Meetings platform, protecting the information discussed during the meeting and the participants involved from any sensitive or private data being exposed.

Does Accent track platform utilization and performance?

We are very committed to privacy and security and we are extremely careful about what information reaches the cloud monitoring, analytics engines, and performance monitoring systems we use. Accent also wants to provide our users with a great meetings experience and in order to do so we require visibility into what is going on within the Accent Meetings cloud platform.

Accent collects and stores information specific to the performance of the Accent Meetings cloud infrastructure and platform. This data includes historical performance information on critical platform infrastructure, real-time monitoring of cloud infrastructure status, and information on cloud platform demand. Accent does not monitor, access, or record data specific to individual meetings, meeting content, authorized users, or meeting participants.

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