Phone Calls

During a Call

Once a call is either initiated or connected, the in-call screen will appear.

The in-call screen provides several common business features to assist in managing and interacting with the call. This includes:

  • Keypad: Used to dial in-call keys for interacting with automated attendants, IVR menus, and the sending of DTMF signals.

  • Hold: Place the call on hold and retrieve the call from hold.

  • Record: Records the call to the local storage on the phone.

  • Transfer: Initiates a blind transfer.

  • Add Call: Allows the addition of another caller for an ad-hoc conference call.

  • Att. Transfer: Initiates an attended transfer.

  • End Call: Ends the current call.

Additionally near the top of the screen there are several other buttons:

  • Return to Home Screen: Navigates back to the main app page. Any active calls will remain active.

  • Mute/Unmute: Toggles the device's microphone off/on.

  • Toggle Audio: Toggles between the different audio outputs available, including bluetooth devices when connected.

  • Additional Call Data: Provides additional technical data regarding the active call, sometimes necessary when troubleshooting technical support issues.

Recording a Call

The Accent Cloud Phone app provides the user the ability to record a call and store it within the app via your device's local storage.

Call recording is designed and intended to be utilized in accordance with any local or state laws regarding the recording of calls and the disclosure around such activity. Do not utilize the call recording feature without first understanding those laws and taking proper action when necessary. Accent is not responsible for any improper or illegal use of the call recording feature.

To initiate a recording of the current call simply press the Record button. Please note the recording will only begin once the Record button is pressed, any audio which took place prior to the Record button being pressed will NOT be included within the recording.

If you would like to stop the recording prior to the call ending, simply tap the Record button to end recording.

All call recordings are saved within the app and accessible via the History page.

Calls recorded via the app's embedded recording feature are not synchronized or stored to Accent's cloud or the user's cloud phone system account. Any call recorded via this feature will only be stored on the user's local device storage. Once the recording is deleted it can NOT be retrieved via Accent.

Call Recording Preferences

To modify advanced call recording preferences, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Call Recording.

The advanced options include:

  • Record All Calls: Toggles on/off the automatic recording of all calls.

  • Split participant channels: When enabled, the audio channels of each individual will show separately within the recorded call.

  • Recording format: Modifies how the format the call recording is saved in.

  • Automatically delete recordings: Specify how long to keep call recordings before they are automatically deleted from your device.

  • Warning Beep: Toggle off/on the playing of an audible beep which other call participants can hear.

  • Email Address: Pre-fills the email address destination when sending a call recording via email.

  • Upload URL: Allows for the uploading of call recordings to a specific URL via a POST method.

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