The History page provides a historical record of all calling which has taken place within the app. This includes calls made, received, and missed.

Calls made via your desk phone or any of Accent's other apps will NOT appear within the History page on this app.

Call History List

The History page lists all calls chronologically and will group calls involving the same contact/number.

The Filter List near the top of the page will allow you to quickly filter between All Calls, Missed Calls, or calls that have a recording associated with them.

You may remove an entry from the Call History list via the EDIT button at the top of the page. History listings removed by a user can NOT be retrieved by Accent once removed.

Call Details

To view the details of an individual call, simply tap the Call Details icon. The Call Details page provides further information about a call and allows you to listen to and manage any call recordings associated with the call.

Recorded Call Options

Additional options available for a recorded call are:

  • Delete: Delete the call recording from the device.

  • Send by Email: Attach the recording to an email.

  • Share: Share the recording via the embedded iOS sharing features.

  • Prevent Deletion: Locks/Unlocks the ability to delete the recording.

Additionally, the EDIT button will allow the deletion of the recorded call as well.

Calls recorded via the app's embedded recording feature are not synchronized or stored to Accent's cloud or the user's cloud phone system account. Any call recorded via this feature will only be stored on the user's local device storage. Once the recording is deleted it can NOT be retrieved via Accent.

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