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The Settings page provides access to a variety of app settings, information, and technical support data.
The items available in the Settings page include:
  • Account Setup: Provides basic username and account information along with access to contact Accent technical support and view this user guide.
  • Incoming Calls: Allows the user to toggle Push Notifications off/on. Turning Push Notifications off will result in the app not receiving calls while it is in the background.
  • Preferences: Provides access to a variety of app preferences, these are detailed further in a section below.
  • About: Show the version level of the installed app.
  • Usage: Provides calling and usage statistics.
  • Logs: Accesses the SIP communication log, this is used by Accent's technical support team.
  • Share with Friends: Provides quick access to sharing features on social media and email.
  • Reset Application: Logs the user out and resets all app information, settings, files, and statistics.


Items accessible via the Preferences menu include:
  • Ringtones: Modify the ringtone played for inbound calls.
  • Call Recording: Specify advanced settings for the recording of calls. This is detailed further in the Call Recording section of this guide.
  • Sound: Change advanced settings regarding echo suppression, noise suppression, and bluetooth support.
  • Number Rewriting: This is an advanced feature that should not be modified without the assistance of Accent's technical support team.
  • Network: Allows the user to modify WiFi network related advanced settings.
  • Call Forwarding: Toggle on/off forwarding of all calls.
  • Contact Sort Order: Specify how contacts are sorted in the Contact List.
  • Other: Controls the embedded proximity sensor.
  • Controls: Advanced headset controls.
  • Do Not Disturb: Used to define unique Do Not Disturb rules surrounding time/date and specific contacts.
  • Troubleshooting Logs: Advanced setting which should not be modified.
  • Language: The only current supported language is English.
  • DNS Lookup: Enable/disable DNS caching.
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