The Quickdial page is a place to store favorites and other contacts you might need quick access to. For users with a physical desk phone, the buttons programmed on your phone will also appear on the Quickdial page.

Quickdial buttons configured as "BLF" appearances will show the user's live status and indicate whether or not a user is currently on the phone.

Calling Quickdial Contacts

To call a contact on the Quickdial page, simply tap the desired user's icon and the call will be immediately initiated.

Editing Quickdial Contacts

You may tap the "+" icon in the bottom right corner of the page to add additional contacts to the Quickdial page beyond those automatically added via your phone layout.

Manually added/edited/deleted Quickdial contacts will not impact the user's desk phone button programming.

Picking Up a Parked Call

If your business utilizes Call Parking and your extension has park button appearances configured then you may easily retrieve a parked call by simply clicking the appropriate corresponding park button on the Quickdial page. The parked call will be immediately picked up within the app.

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