Call Settings

Additional phone lookup

Create a shortcut to lookup a number using a URL of third-party service. Use ${PHONE} placeholder for the entire phone or ${PHONE(1,3)} to use specific digits in the number. You may also use 1-${PHONE(1,3)}-${PHONE(4,6)}-${PHONE(7)} or more sophisticated patterns.

Other calling settings

On click-to-call

Allows you to set an option for what happens after you click Call button in Chat window.

  • Allow phone number editing will allow to edit number before initiating a call.

  • Call immediately will start a call immediately

Default phone type

Select which phone number (work, extension, etc) will be used for default actions throughout the application.

Default phone country code

This should always be set to United States of America unless otherwise directed by Accent's technical support team.

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