Meetings Page

My Personal Meeting

Each user has access to a personal video meeting with a unique meeting link and dial-in access code. This meeting is unique to you and is accessible anytime by clicking the Start Meeting button in the My Personal Meeting section. Your personal meeting information will not change, this includes the meeting link URL, the meeting audio dial-in, and the meeting dial-in PIN.

When you initially access the Meetings page you will be presented with your personal meeting information and personal meeting details.

Start Meeting

Starts your personal meeting, which is a personal meeting uniquely available to you. The personal meeting includes a unique meeting link and access information which is specific to your meeting.

Enable Lobby

This option allows you to enable Lobby Mode when starting your personal meeting.

Note: The "Enable Lobby" option is only effective for the user's personal meeting room. The option does not take effect for Channel Meetings started by the user or when the user joins Meetings via a shared link or the Calendar.

Schedule Meeting via Calendar

This button will launch a calendar invitation within a web browser via your preferred calendar service (either Google or Microsoft). The invitation will include pre-filled information including the your Meeting invitation and a basic subject line. The invitation may then be edited as needed and sent to meeting invitees as appropriate.

Copy Meeting Invite

Copies the complete meeting invitation to your clipboard for use within other applications. A sample meeting invitation is below:

Jane Smith has invited you to an Accent Video Meeting:

  • Meeting Link:

  • Dial-In (Optional): (614) 362-6580

  • Meeting PIN: 50 64 26 #

  • Mobile One-Click: 614-362-6580,506426#

Copies the personal meeting link to your clipboard for use within other applications.

Meeting Dial-In

This is the Meeting dial-in information for any meeting attendee joining via phone dial-in. Each Accent Meeting is accessible via dial-in audio with a 10-digit phone number and unique access PIN.

Meeting History

Meetings you have started or attended via the app will be listed here in chronological order. If a meeting is pinned as a favorite it will be excluded from this section and only listed in the Favorites section.

Meeting Favorites

Meetings "starred" as favorites will appear pinned in the Meeting Favorites section.

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