Hosting/Attending a Meeting

Starting Your Personal Meeting

To start your personal meeting simply press the "Start Meeting" button on the Meetings page. This will enter you into the Pre-Meeting screen.

Joining a Meeting from Favorites/History

You may join a Favorited Meeting or a Meeting from your Meeting History by selecting the appropriate meeting a clicking the Join Meeting button via the Meeting Detail section on the page.

Entering the Video Meeting

Pre-Meeting Screen

When an attendee enters a meeting, the first screen presented is the Pre-Meeting screen. The Pre-Meeting allows the user to properly set the audio and video inputs and ensure all functions are working before entering the meeting. Once it is determined all functions are properly working the user must simply click the "Join Meeting" button to enter the meeting room.

Meeting Lobby/Password

The meeting host has the option to enable the meeting lobby and/or a meeting password to ensure an extra element of privacy. If the host has enabled the meeting lobby the attendee will be granted access to the meeting upon approval by the host.

Note: If a meeting password exists the attendee may bypass waiting in the meeting lobby by entering the meeting password.

Waiting for the Meeting Host

Upon entry, if the host has not yet joined and opened the meeting room a message will be displayed communicating to attendees that the meeting will begin upon the host's arrival. The host may enter their credentials by clicking the "I am the host" button and authenticating. Once the host authenticates, the meeting will begin and all waiting participants will join, participants will be asked to enter their name upon joining as well. The host must authenticate and launch the meeting room for the meeting to begin, otherwise all participants (web & dial-in) will remain in a waiting state.

Entering User Credentials (Meeting Host Only)

If you are the host and an authorized Meetings user, you can enter the room at any time by entering your credentials into the host log in window. These credentials were provided by Accent personnel or via an authorized representative from your organization. Once initially provided, the app will store these credentials and authentication for quick access to future meetings.

When signing in with your host credentials you can access meeting options such as: setting a meeting password for additional security, enabling lobby mode, muting all participants on arrival, selecting everyone follows host, and everyone starts hidden among other options.

Once you have you have entered the room the meeting will start when at least one other participant joins. For details on in-meeting controls and options please view the In-Meeting Controls & Options guide page.

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