Visual Voicemail

Each user has a voicemail box by default and voicemail may be enabled/disabled via the Voicemail Settings menu. All voicemail messages are available for delivery to email and transcription to text within the email. If the user has designated voicemail messages to be delivered via email then the message will be automatically transcribed and the transcription included within the body of the email by default.

Using Visual Voicemail

The Accent app provides a convenient user interface to manage and interact with voicemail messages. A caller may be directed to voicemail in two cases:‌

  1. A call was rejected explicitly by the user.

  2. A call was not answered after the number of seconds specified in Voicemail Settings.

‌Both scenarios imply the user has enabled Voicemail in their Voicemail Settings.‌

Voicemail Search and Actions

‌To access Voicemail, open the Voicemail tab in the main menu. Voicemail has the same search functionality as Call History, allowing you to find a specific message. The search looks for matches in caller's name and phone number.‌

Each voicemail record is automatically linked to a Contact (which may be a personal, company or device contact) by the phone number. If the application finds a matching contact, the image and name will be shown.​

‌A voicemail's status can be "new" or "read". New messages appear bolded within the list. Once you listen to a voicemail message, it is automatically marked as "read".‌

Clicking on a voicemail record initiate a call. Actions︙ menu shows more actions, such as:‌

  • Play/Pause a voicemail record.

  • Download a voicemail record.

  • View Contact Profile shows a Contact if the caller is associated with a contact.

  • Open Chat starts a Chat if the caller is associated with a Chat capable contact.

  • Mark as New/Read explicitly marks a voicemail record as new or read.

  • Delete permanently deletes a voicemail record after the user's confirmation.‌

Listening to and Downloading Voicemail Messages

Each voicemail record can be listened to with the built-in player or downloaded from Actions︙button. Downloaded ​files are accessible within the My Files window.

Voicemail is only available for Calls from Extensions and Phone Numbers, i.e. not when someone places a Direct app call to you. To customize your Voicemail experience, visit the Voicemail Settings.

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