Web Apps

The Accent app allows users to add web apps and web sites to the application for quick access to those items. Most sites and apps are able to be added to the app and once added will be accessible via the App Bar.

App Bar

Located on the left-hand side of the app, the App Bar will display the icon of all web apps and sites added within the Accent app. Clicking the App Bar icon will reveal the App Bar and allow the user to quickly access any added web apps or web sites with one click. The App Bar may be revealed/hidden by clicking the App Bar icon to toggle it open or closed.

Adding a Web App

To add a web app from the App Bar, click the "+" icon located on the bottom of the App Bar. A pop-up box will appear which will ask for the web app's specific information.

Provide the URL and a name for the app. You can also optionally choose to have the app open within Accent or your default web browser. Once the information has been added, click Add App button and it will be added to your App Bar.

The App icon will be displayed within the App Bar and may accessed by clicking the icon.

If the app requires login, use your login information specific to that site/app as necessary.

Managing Web Apps

To manage your web apps and websites, navigate to Settings > Manage Apps. Here you will have access to managing all aspects of the App Bar and installed apps.

The Manage Apps page will allow you to:

  • Reorder Apps: Rearrange the ordering of apps as they are displayed on the App Bar.

  • Add Apps: Add a new app or site to the app bar.

  • Open App in Browser: Toggles opening the app within the Accent app or the default browser.

  • Delete App: Removes the app completely.

  • Show App Bar: Toggles the App Bar from hidden/displayed.

  • Show App Labels: Toggles the app labels off/on within the App Bar.

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