Connect: Unified Communications

The Connect page is where users can access a variety of unified communication features including phone calls, chat (one-on-one and group chat), file sharing, and more.

The Connect page's features are accessible via the menu presented along the left vertical edge of the application and is viewable when accessing the Connect page. This menu includes direct access to the communication features and elements within the application.

The Connect menu includes:

  • My Status - Quick access to:

    • Presence Status

    • Status Description

    • Call Forwarding

  • Favorites - Your curated contacts which have been tagged as favorites.

  • Chats - Collection of your most recent direct chats and channel chat activity.

  • Contacts - Personal and company contacts list.

  • Channels - Group chat and collaboration channels of which you've either created or are a member.

  • Phone - Integrated telephony features including softphone, call history, and voicemail.

  • SMS Messages (if applicable) - SMS messages and chats to/from external numbers. Requires enablement by Accent technical support.

  • Connect Settings - Settings and preferences specific to the unified communication features.

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