Channels (Team Chat)

Channels are a team chat feature which allow internal groups and teams of users to communicate in real-time via chat messages and file shares. A channel can be created for any topic, project, function, groups, or any other reason for communicating to multiple people simultaneously.

This section will detail interacting with a single channel and its members. For details regarding the Channels List, Managing Channels, or Creating Channels please refer to their individual sections.

Channel members may hold one of three Channel Roles: Channel Owner, Channel Moderator, or Channel Member. More information regarding Channel Roles is available in the Managing Channels section of this guide.

Channel Chat & Messaging

The mechanics of Channel chat are very similar to one-on-one chat sessions, you may refer to the dedicated section on Chat for further details on specific chat mechanics. Messages and files posted within the Channel appear in the Channel Content Thread in chronological order. You may download any file posted to the thread by clicking the file's accompanying download link, downloaded files are accessible via the Downloads menu.

Channel Video Call

You may invite the members of a Channel to an ad-hoc video call at any time by clicking the Video Call icon in the top right corner of the Channel window. Once the video call icon is clicked, the video invite window will open with the channel member pre-populated into the video invitation. Optionally, you may include a message with the invitation and/or curate the invitees list by adding/removing people. Once the invite is ready click the "Send Invite" button and the contacts will receive an invitation to join the video call.

Please Note: Only meeting invitees logged in to the app will receive the video call invitation.

Once the invitation is sent, the video meeting window will open and join the user to the meeting. Concurrently, the notification tray will open within the app to provide a real-time view of the invitees and the pending video invites. All video call invitations have a 60-second timeout, which will appear within the notifications window. Any pending video call invites may be canceled by clicking the "Cancel Meeting" button within the notification tray.

Channel Conference Call

Channel Actions

The Channel Actions button will reveal a tabbed window that allows you to toggle between a list of the Channel Members and the files shared within the channel.

Channel Members

The Channel Members list shows a detailed list of the users who are members of the particular channel with an Actions︙ button to quickly contact an individual user directly or view their User Profile. The list also includes an icon displaying the user's Channel Role.

Channel Files Shared

This Files tab within a Channel differs from the Files page accessible from the top navigation toolbar, this Channel Files tab details files shared within the specific Channel. Once a user shares a file within a channel that file will remain within the Files tab for reference or access in the future. Clicking on the Files tab will provide a list of those shared files within the Channel and allow you to download any file shared.

Note: Once the file is downloaded it is available within the file folder you designated and also from within the app's Files page.

Searching within a Channel's history is identical to search within a one-on-one chat with the only primary difference being you are searching through a Channel with messages and files from multiple users instead of just two. You may refer to the section on Chat Search for further detail on searching within a chat.

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