App Layout & Interface

View Options

The available view options are Compact view and Expanded view. Pictured in a comparison below, Compact View conserves screen space and hides the Main Content Panel until it is needed while Expanded View always shows the Main Content Panel. The app will expand and contract based on the window size and available desktop space and present the optimal view for the unique space.

App Layout

The app interface layout is pictured below with a detail of the interface elements while in Expanded View.
    My Meetings Menu - Provides access to all video meeting functions including:
      Start a new meeting
      Recent & favorite meetings
      Generate meeting invite
      Meeting dial-in details
    My Files Menu - Provides quick access to any files which the user has downloaded via the app.
    App Menu - Main app menu providing access to various app settings and functions.
    My Status & Profile - Quick access to:
      Presence Status
      Status Description
      Call Forwarding
    Recent Activity - Stream of your most recent channel and direct chat app activity.
    Contacts - Personal and company contacts.
    Channels - Team chat and collaboration channels which you've either created or are a member of.
    Dialpad - Integrated softphone access to make internal or external calls.
    Call History - Your extension's calling history.
    Voicemail - Your extension's voicemail box.
    Communication Settings - Unified communications settings and functions.
    Communications Logout - Logout of the unified communications interface.
      Note: Logging out of the communications interface will still permit the user to join video meetings.

My Status

The My Status window is available by clicking on your profile icon. This window provides quick access to status based options.
The available options within this window include:
    Messaging Services Status
      Provides a visual status confirming connection to Accent's cloud messaging services.
    Calling Services Status
      Provides a visual status confirming connection to Accent's cloud calling services.
    Forward Calls
      Forwards any call received to the phone number you specify. This field requires a 10-digit number, do not enter hyphens or any other characters.
    Custom Status Message
      Display a custom status message to other users within the application.
    Presence Indicator
      Manually change the presence icon which is displayed to other users.
    My Profile
      Save any changes you have made.

System Tray Icon

The app will show within your PC or Mac "system tray". A right-click pf the tray icon will provide quick access to the following functions:
    Show - Show the app on top of other applications
    My Meetings - Open the My Meetings menu
    Quit - Close the app completely
Last modified 4mo ago