To access a chat thread and begin messaging, click on a chat-enabled Contact, Channel or a recent message from the Chats menu option. You can send messages and files, launch a video call, use emojis, view message history and perform message search via the messaging and chat interface. The interface and messaging dynamics for one-to-one chats and Channels is almost identical.

Sending and Receiving Messages

Once you open a Chat page, you can type your messages using the input on the bottom of the page.

Once a message is sent you will see it posted to the chat thread.

All chat messages received, posted, or shared files appear in chronological order within the chat stream.

Note: Every time you send or receive a message, it appears on the top of the Chats menu tab. Chats shows the last messages of one-to-one and Channel conversations, so you could easily find your last chat or see the chats with newest messages on top of the list.

When a message is received, you will receive an operating system notification if your PC/Mac settings support OS-based notifications.

Message Actions

Sent Message Actions

Once a message is sent to a user or posted within a Channel, you may take specific actions with that message, those actions include:

  • Edit Message - Edit the text content of the message

  • Forward Message - Forward the message to another user

  • Delete Message - Delete the message from the conversation

Note: You may only edit or delete messages that you have sent or posted, not messages received from other users.

Received Message Actions

Once a message is received from another user or posted by another user within a Channel, you may forward that message to other users through the Message Actions options.

Replying Inline to a Message

Forwarding a Message

To forward a message, simply click on the Forward action, a pop-up box will appear asking you to determine who the message will be forwarded to. Messages may be forwarded to individual users or Channels of which you are a member.

First, select the message destination from the pop-up box then follow the steps below the image.

The message to be forwarded will appear as an attachment within the destination chat, allowing you to add any additional comments along with the forwarded message. Once you've added any additional desired comments, simply press the Enter key or click the Send icon to forward the message and the comments.

Note: Additional comments are not required to forward a message, it is an optional feature.

Insert a Meeting Invite

Inserting a video meeting link within a chat is easy via the right-click menu within the chat entry box. This will allow you to quickly drop a meeting link directly into the chat and send it to a contact or team chat channel.

Personal Meeting Invite

To insert your personal meeting link select the "Insert Personal Meeting Invite" option from the menu.

Channel Meeting Invite

To start a channel meeting and invite a channel to a meeting select the "Start Channel Meeting" option from the menu. This option will insert an invite with a unique meeting name specific to that channel.

Clicking a video meeting link shared within a chat will automatically join the user to the video meeting specified within the link.

Quick Chat Responses

Special Characters and Emojis

All chats support emojis. Text emojis (e.g. ":)" will always be replaced by graphic emojis automatically. You can view the full list of available emojis and insert them into the message by right-clicking within the chat text box and selecting the "Emoji" menu item.

The emoji library will be presented allowing you to insert the appropriate emoji for you conversation.


The Accent Desktop app supports the use of animated GIFs within both one-on-one and team chat messaging. GIFs are insertable via right-clicking within the chat text box and selecting the "Insert GIF" menu option.

The GIF search window will open on the right-hand side of the application, allowing you to search an online library of GIFs (provided by Giphy) to insert into the chat stream. To search for a GIF, enter a search term into the GIF search box, circled in the image below. GIF search terms can be vague or specific and based on a variety of topics.

Once you have searched for a term and found an appropriate GIF you can insert that image directly into the chat via the "insert" icon located in the bottom right corner of the respective GIF. Clicking the insert icon will automatically insert the GIF into the chat stream.

Once the GIF is inserted into the chat stream it is viewable by all parties within the chat and able to be manipulated in the same manner as any other chat messages or content.

Search Within Chat

You may search within a one-on-one or channel chat history to find messages or files from within that chat.

  1. Click on the Search icon to reveal the Chat Search Window.

  2. Enter a query to search within the entry form. You may search for messages, files, or webhook messages within the chat.

  3. You may designate optionally within the Chat Search Options to include or exclude messages, files, or webhook messages from your search.

Your search results will be shown within the Chat Search Window. Search results are interactive, simply click on the returned result and that message will be shown within the Main Chat Window.

File Sharing Within Chat

To send a file to a one-to-one Chat or a Channel, follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Click on the clip icon on the left part of the Chat Entry Field.

  2. Select the file you want to send from within your local files.

  3. The file will then be processed and uploaded to the chat. Large images and videos are processed to reduce their size before upload.

  4. Files received can be found within the chat thread and are stored locally within the default Documents folder of the device. Any file received and downloaded will also be found within the My Files menu.

Note: File sharing is limited to a maximum file size of 20MB.

Note: You can also send a file by dragging and dropping the file from your OS file list onto a Chat, Contact or Channel in the members list. If you drop a file elsewhere, a modal window will appear asking you to choose a Contact or a Channel to send the file.

Downloaded Files

Once a shared file has been downloaded that file will appear within the Files page of the application.

Shared Files History

Within a one-on-one or team chat, the chat Actions︙provides a list of the shared files history from within the chat. This history provides a list of all the files shared within this specific chat conversation and provides an opportunity to download those files.

Note: You can specify the chat Actions︙menu to be initially open each time you open a Chat or Channel in Language and Appearance settings.

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