Video Meeting Invites

You can invite other users to an ad-hoc video meeting using the Invite Contacts feature. The feature is available on several pages throughout the app and can be used to create quick group meetings or meetings with an individual. The feature is similar to the video call capability available via the direct chat and channel messaging interfaces.

Sending a Video Meeting Invite

To compose a video meeting invite, simply click the Invite Contacts button available on the Home Page or Meetings Page. The overlay pop-up will appear allowing the user to add invitees to a video meeting invitation. The user may choose from the available list of invitees within the organization to include within the meeting invite.

Only users within the same organization may be invited to a video meeting via the Invite Contacts method. Invitees from outside an organization may be included via the external meeting link.

Upon selecting the appropriate invitees, the user may also include an optional message to be included with the meeting invitation. Once the invite is appropriately composed, click the Send and Start Meeting button to send the meeting invitation and start the meeting.

Monitoring an Invite Status

Once the invitation is sent, the video meeting window will open and join the user to the meeting. Concurrently, the notification tray will open within the app to provide a real-time view of the invitees and the pending video invites. All video call invitations have a 60-second timeout, which will appear within the notifications window. Any pending video call invites may be canceled by clicking the "Cancel Meeting" button within the notification tray.

If a meeting invitation is accepted, rejected, or time's out, the user will receive a notification within the notification tray based on the invitation status.

Inviting Users to a Meeting In-Progress

Users may be invited to an in-progress meeting via the Invite Contacts button located on the app's top navigation bar. Clicking the Invite Contacts button will open the pop-up overlay box that will allow the user to follow the Invite Contact process.

To add a user to an existing meeting the Invite Contact button via the top navigation bar must be used. While in a meeting the Invite Contacts buttons located on the Home page and the Meetings page are inactive.

Once a user is invited to an in-progress meeting they will be added to the meeting upon acceptance of the invitation.

Receiving a Meeting Invitation

When you receive a meeting invitation, the invite will pop-up with the app and an audible ringtone will play.

You may accept the invite and join the meeting or decline the invite and optionally include a message back the originator with the decline.

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