Adding Contacts

Adding a Contact Using Search

‌You can easily add a new Contact to your Contacts by using the Search function. Click on the magnifying glass symbol to search Contacts in the configured Contact Sources.​​‌
Use Contact search settings for filtering.​​
Start typing information which identifies the Contact you are looking for.​​
Use the checkbox [✔] to select a Contact you want to add and click on the Add Selected button. Using this method you can add a group of contacts as well. Another way is to use Actions︙ near a contact and click on Add to Contacts action. Once added, you will see the new contact in your Contact list.​​

Adding a Contact Using the Form

In a situation when you want to add somebody to the Contact List when there is no match within the Search in your Contact Sources, you can create a Contact by using the New Contact Form. Click on the New Contact button in the Contact List to open the form.​​
Add the desired Contact information.​
Press Save to add the Contact.‌‌
Once added, you will see the Contact in Contact List.​​