My Meetings

Meeting List

The My Meetings menu provides the user with access to starting or joining video meetings via the app. To access the menu simply click the My Meetings button and the menu will appear on the right. A detailed list of the functions available within the menu is available below.
    Connect Calendar - Connect your Google or Microsoft 365 personal calendar to view and join upcoming meetings from within the app.
    Favorites - Meetings "starred" as favorites will appear pinned in this section of the meeting list.
    Meeting History - Meetings you have started or attended via the app will be listed here in chronological order. If a meeting is pinned as a favorite it will be excluded from this section and only listed in the Favorites section.
    Remove Meetings - Allows the user to remove meetings from the Favorites and Meeting History list as desired.
    Start a New Meeting - Simply enter the name of the meeting which you would like to start or join and click "start" to enter the meeting. Meeting names should follow the following naming convention
      Be designed in the format of "CompanyName-MeetingName"
      Consist of at least 10 characters and only consist of letters, numbers, and the underscore character.
      Please refer to the section on Meeting Security & Privacy for more detail on secure meeting names.

Connect Your Calendar

The Accent desktop app provides the ability to integrate your personal Google or Microsoft 365 calendar into the application for quick access to your day's meetings. To connect a calendar to the app click the "Connect Calendar" icon in the top of the My Meetings menu.
The Calendar Integrations window will appear and you will be able to choose to either connect your Google calendar or Microsoft 365 calendar.
Note: You can connect both a Google and Microsoft 365 calendar to the app simultaneously and meetings from both calendars will appear. A maximum of two calendars, one from each provider, may be connected simultaneously.
Once a calendar provider is chosen you will be asked to authenticate with that provider via your unique user credentials. You must authorize the Accent App to access your calendar and information from that provider. Once authorization is confirmed your calendar will be integrated into the app.

Today's Meetings

Upon connecting your calendar to the Accent app you will see your meetings for the day presented within the Today's Meetings section at the top of the My Meetings window. Today's Meetings lists the meetings on you calendar for that day and provides a quick connect icon to join your Accent Meetings instantly with one click.
Video meetings from may of the most widely used meeting platforms are recognized by the app, this includes Zoom, Teams, WebEx, GoTo Meeting, and more. You can view meeting details and attendees by selecting an individual meeting with a single click. THis is further detailed in the below section.

Calendar Meeting Details

Individual meeting details provide a deeper view of the information associated with a specific meeting. This information may include details on meeting attendees, the specific meeting link/location, and any additional information the meeting organizer provided as part of the meeting invite.

Disconnect Your Calendar

If you would like to disconnect and remove a calendar integration from the app, simply select the "Manage Calendars" button and click the sign out option for the appropriate calendar. This will remove all information associated with the particular account from the app. You may reconnect a calendar at any time by repeating the steps detailed within the Connect Your Calendar section.

Meeting Details

Within the My Meetings list, unique meeting details and options are provided for each individual meeting listed.
    Meeting Name - The unique meeting name used to start or enter a meeting.
    Meeting Dial-In Info - The PSTN dial-in number and PIN used by meeting attendees not joining the meeting via web browser, desktop app, or mobile app.
    Copy Meeting Link - Provides a quick button to copy the meeting link URL in order to quickly paste it into another application or a chat message.
    Generate Meeting Invite - This button will generate an email from the default email application containing the meeting link and dial-in information.
    Favorite a Meeting - Adds a meeting to the Favorites list.
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