Call History

Using Call History

Like the call history in your mobile phone, the Call History in Thirdlane Connect allows you to keep track of your calls. For the calls that were recorded you can also listen to the recordings and download the recording files.

Call History Search and Actions

To access your Call History, open the Call history tab in the main menu. Like Contacts and Channels, Call History has a search functionality that allows you to search based on names or phone numbers.

When possible, Call History records are automatically linked to Contacts (where Contact may be your personal (Connect contact), Contact from company directory, or a contact found on your device) based on the phone number. If the application finds a matching Contact, this Contact's image and name are shown.

Clicking on a Call History record initiated a new call. Actions︙ offers more actions, such as:

  • Play/Pause a call recording.

  • Download a call recording.

  • Open a downloaded call recording (on mobile and desktop applications).

  • View Contact Profile allows you to access an associated Contact's profile.

  • Open Chat starts a chat with associated Contact.

  • Add a New Contact allows you to create a new Contact for the calls not associated with any Contacts by opening the Add to Active Contacts form with the phone number pre-filled.

  • Make Additional Phone Lookup. Read the Call Settings section for more information.

  • Open the Call Details Page.

You can change the default on-click behavior in the Other Settings

You can also change the number of Call History records to be shown in the application. To do this, open Language and Appearance and set the Number of call history records to show as needed.

Listening to and Downloading Call Recordings

If a Call History record has a an associated call recording, you can listen to it using a built-in player or download it.

The download function is available under Actions︙.

On desktop and mobile applications, Thirdlane Connect remembers the location of the downloaded recording and offers to open it in system's default audio player instead of re-downloading it. If you move or delete this file, the application will notice it and offer to download it again.

You can choose which Calls to Phone Numbers to be recorded in Call Recording Settings.

Call Details Page

To see more detailed information about a Call History record and use CRM integration, open the Call Details page from Actions︙.

If the default Contact Source is configured and a Call History record is not associated with a Contact, an external lookup will be performed. It checks if contacts with the same phone number are available in the default Contact Source. The lookup results will be displayed on the page.

You can add a call note by clicking the note icon on the right of each lookup result. The Add Note form will be dispalyed, the results will be linked to the selected contact and saved in the default Contact Source's system.

Currently, only Calls to Extensions and Phone Numbers are listed in Call History. Direct Calls use a different mechanism and thus are not included.

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