Connect Initial Setup

Initial Sign In

When your user account is created and enabled, you will receive an email with credentials and details on how to sign in. Typically, it will look like this:

Download the Connect App by following the link found in the email or via your mobile device app store by searching "VoiceONE Connect". Once installed, use the credentials found in the email to sign in.

The same credentials and login information are used for both Connect Desktop and Mobile.

Adding your First Contact

Now your Connect user account is ready, but you have no one to communicate with. Let us fix this and add your first contact.

  1. Open the Contacts menu tab.

  2. Click on the Search icon on the top right.

  3. Enter a search query, click on the Actions︙ of the contact you would like to add to your active contacts list.

  4. Click on the Add to Contacts item. In a about a second, you should receive a notification that the Contact have been added.

  5. Close the search by clicking the Close icon on the top right and find that your contact list is no longer empty.

If you would like to add multiple Contacts at once, use checkboxes to select them and the Add Selected button at the bottom.

Joining a Channel

Connect supports one-to-one and group communications including chat. In Connect, multi user chats are called Channels. You can join an existing (public) channel, get invited to a private Channel, or create a new Channel on your own. To join a public Channel, do the following:

  1. Open the Channels menu tab.

  2. Click on the Find button.

  3. Find the list of the public Channels available on your system.

  4. Click on Actions︙ of the Channel you want to join and click the Join menu item. You can also join several channels at once by checking checkboxes on the left and hitting the Join button on the bottom of the page.

To create a new Channel, click the New Channel button and fill out the form that will show up on the right. We will dive into more details of Channel creation options in the Communications section.

Making your First Calls

You can make calls to the Contact in your contact list - either directly (Connect App to Connect App) or via extensions and phone numbers. To make a direct call, open the Contact's Actions︙ and click the Call item as shown in the picture:

Connect differentiates between calls to extensions and phone numbers (found in Contacts or entered using Dialpad) and direct App calls to Contacts.

To try calling phone numbers, open the Dialpad menu item, enter 602 and click the Dial button. 602 is a service number that answers the call immediately and plays "music on hold" as configured in your system.

In order for a Contact to be reachable via direct call, the Contact must be online, in which case the Call option for the Contact is enabled. To try, choose a Contact who is online (indicated by a green circle) and make a call by choosing Call from their Actions︙.

Note that you can always reach your contacts (regardless of their status) by calling one of the associated phone numbers including their extension.

Differences in functionality between the direct calls and calls to phone numbers are covered in the Calls to Phone Numbers section.

Updating your Profile

Now it is time to make changes in your profile so that other people could easily recognize you among the other users. Follow the next simple steps to get this done:

  1. Click on the circle on the top left - it should contain your initials as the default setting.

  2. Click My profile in the opened window.

  3. Fill out the form on the right: change your user image, update your first or last name, add a phone number, change a password, etc.

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