iOS Integrated Calling

Connect Mobile for iOS supports integrated calling using the Apple CallKit API. This feature enables native iOS user interface for incoming and ongoing calls and adds Connect calls to the iOS device's call history.

For example, this is the incoming call screen with iOS integrated calling.

If an incoming call arrives to a locked iPhone or iPad, it will be represented with the well-known slide-to-unlock screen, just like a regular cellular phone call.

An active call using the iOS native integration will appear as follows:

During a call the user may switch from iOS integrated calling to the VoiceONE Connect app by tapping the VoiceONE Connect option on the integrated calling menu, this will keep the call active and take you into the Connect app.

In the device's call history calls are shown as Connect Audio/Video calls.

Integrated calling is enabled by default, but you can always disable it (possibly for privacy reasons) by going to Call Settings and switching the Integrated Calling toggle off.

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