Managing Channels

Managing Channel Members

The Channel owner can invite or remove members in public or private Channels. This is the only way to add new members to private Channels. To do this, go to Channel Manage page.

Select or deselect members under Manage Channel members list. You can use the search bar to find members. Press Save to save changes.

Edit Channel

You can also edit Channel information or change Channel type in Channel Manage Page.

Delete Channel

A created Channels can be deleted by clicking on Delete in Channel Properties and confirm the Channel deletion in the pop-up window.

Channel Roles

There are 3 roles a user can have within a Channel:

  • Channel Owner is a user who created the Channel

  • Channel Member - any member of a public Channel or a user who was invited in a private Channel

Only one Channel Owner per Channel may exist. A Channel Owner can nominate a Channel member as a Channel Moderator. There are no restrictions on the number of Channel Moderators per each Channel.

Nominating a member as a Channel Moderator by the Channel Owner is very simple. To do this, the Channel Owner needs to open the member properties and click on Grant admin rights. To remove the rights, the Channel Owner needs to open member the properties and click on Remove admin rights.

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