Browser extensions

  • Install screen sharing extension allows you to install Chrome web browser extension for screen sharing purposes.

  • Install Thirdlane Dialer allows you to install Click2Call / Click to Call CRM Integration Chrome web browser extension for click to call dialing and integrations with CRMs.

Internet accounts

Configure an option to sign in to Connect using credentials of an external Internet Account (Microsoft Office 365 and Google are supported). This also provides Connect with access to your Internet Account's contacts.

Click on Manage Internet Accounts to add external Internet Accounts.

  • Incoming Webhooks

    Configure an ability to receive incoming messages from external applications in Connect Channels.

    Click on Manage Incoming Webhooks to add Incoming Webhooks.

  • Contact Sources

    Integration with CRMs, social networks, web apps (like Google), etc

    Click on Manage Contact Sources to add contact sources.

    Select Contact Source under Contact Source for caller lookup for phone number lookup for calls if the number does not match phone numbers in your personal contacts or phone numbers in your company directory.

Minimum caller id number length triggering lookup in Contact Source option sets the minimum number length for phone number lookup within selected Contact Source.

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