Calls to Extensions & Phone Numbers

Enabling the Connect Softphone

The Connect app offers the ability to utilize the application in conjunction with your desk phone or as a standalone softphone application. To enable the Connect app as a softphone, follow the steps in the video below:

If you would prefer to use the Connect app in conjunction with your desk phone and not as a softphone, some call handling features such as Transfer, Conference, and Hold will not be available via the Connect application. These call control features should be initiated via your desk phone during the call.

This tutorial will primarily focus on utilizing the Connect app as a softphone and not with a traditional desk phone.

Making Calls to Phone Numbers

Calls to extensions and phone numbers use your cloud phone system to make calls to physical phones, landline numbers, or mobile phone numbers. Each VoiceONE Connect user has a phone extension (typically 3 or 4 digits) which can be used as an alternative to Direct App based calls.

Initiating a Call to a Phone Number

You can start a call either from a Dialpad menu item or by selecting a Call option with a number (Extension, Office, etc) from a Contact's Actions︙.

To make a call to any number, open the Dialpad, type the full number and hit the Dial. Provided that your system has a correct configuration for calling outside, you will be connected with the landline or mobile number you are calling.

The ongoing call interface for Calls to Phone Numbers is slightly different from Direct calls, as you cannot enable camera or start screen sharing.

The following options are available:

  1. Mute Microphone turns your microphone off. The person on the other side of the call will hear only silence without knowing that you muted your microphone. Once you mute your microphone, the opposite Unmute Microphone button will be displayed.

  2. Pause Call pauses the current call (puts the call on hold). After setting a call on pause, you will have the Resume Call button which allows to continue a conversation.

  3. Dialpad opens a window with a Dialpad which allows to send DTMF tones to the current call. This is useful when an IVR menu on the other side asks you to press one button or another.

  4. Forward call opens the Forwarding call window which allows you to transfer the ongoing call to another phone number.

  5. Lookup (optional, a search icon) opens the web page configured in the Additional Phone Lookup settings replacing the dynamic URL part with the phone number from the current call. For more information, see the Call Settings > Additional Phone Lookup section.

  6. Open in CRM (optional, a globe icon) opens the contact's profile in the configured CRM if the call is associated with a CRM contact. For more information about CRM integrations, see the Contact Sources section.

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