Call Settings

Phone device selection

Select a device for making calls to phone numbers. You can use Connect or your desktop phone. When you use a desktop phone, Connect will still handle other features such as messaging, direct voice and video calls, screen sharing, etc regardless of selected mode.

  • Switch to using Connect - switch to this mode if you want to make calls to phone numbers using Connect.

  • Switch to using desk phone - switch to this mode if you want to make calls to phone numbers using your desk phone.

Additional phone lookup

Create a shortcut to lookup a number using a URL of third-party service. Use ${PHONE} placeholder for the entire phone or ${PHONE(1,3)} to use specific digits in the number. You may also use 1-${PHONE(1,3)}-${PHONE(4,6)}-${PHONE(7)} or more sophisticated patterns.

Default phone type

Select which phone number (work, extension, etc) will be used for default actions throughout the application.

Calling behavior

  • On click-to-call allows you to set an option for what happens after you click Call button in Chat window.

    • Allow phone number editing will allow to edit number before initiating a call.

    • Call immediately will start a call immediately

  • On initiating a Channel call allow you to set options after you click Call in Channel window.

    • Allow selection of members to call will allow to select Channel members to call before initiating a call.

    • Call all Channel members immediately will initiate a call to all Channel members without an option to select them.

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