Mobile Softphone

The Connect Mobile app offers the option of enabling and disabling the mobile softphone upon user request. To enable the softphone within the mobile app, first open the mobile menu then tap your user profile icon in the top left corner of the menu.

You will be presented with the My Status window. To enable the mobile softphone tap the blue "Switch to VoiceONE Connect" button under the Call mode heading.

The app will ask you to confirm the switch to softphone mode, confirm the switch by tapping "Yes".

Once the change is complete, tap the blue "Save" button in the bottom right corner of the app to utilize the softphone.

Please Note: Switching to mobile softphone mode will render your desk phone inoperable for the period in which you are using the mobile softphone. During this time calls will not be delivered to your desk phone nor can calls be placed via your desk phone. All calling must be received and placed via the mobile app while the softphone is enabled.

To re-enable your desk phone when you are finished using the mobile softphone, simply repeat the steps described above and choose the "Switch to Desk Phone" Call mode option within the My Status page of the app.

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